School of Personal Transformation
Through a series of group & one-on-one interactions, this 6-month long program helps you systematically examine your life and develop new strategies aimed at maximizing your life satisfaction and attainment in critical life areas.

Fresh Start
Early preparation is the best fundament to look forward to a new life phase calmly: support your senior employees to actively shape their retirement & to prepare for a new personal, professional or social occupation, leaving you with a good feeling.

Professional Soft Skills Development Workshops
These are standard, world class training programs available to corporate institutions:

  • Career Development - These are programs meant to increase the workers' skills that enable them to become more effective at their workplace. These include skills in communications, etiquette and using technology at work.
  • Human Resources - This provides HR and Non HR staff who have HR roles to understand key issues to manage Human Resources including Interviews, orientation, performance management, conflict and dispute resolution and change management amongst others.
  • Sales & Marketing - This trains in the basics to higher level sales and marketing for people involved in sales including telemarketing and customer relationship management.
  • Supervisors & Managers - Skills needed for management staff that include project management, finance for non-finance staff, meetings, basics and higher levels of supervising others and building teams are covered.
  • Train the Trainer - For anyone who trains the finer details including preparation, experiential training and advanced training skills are covered here.
  • Workplace Essentials - This covers ethics, safety, diversity issues and harassment in the work place.