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 (The 20th cycle of the program begins in March 2018! See details below.)

“Hearing other business owners sharing problems similar to what I am going through or had been through just did it for me! It made me feel normal. The lessons like systems, legal and financial structures are important are helping me in my business with the little I have implemented and I know I will achieve much more when I implement them more.” Two years later - “A positive impact, currently engaging in a 5 year strategic plan with the help of WYLDE which has already begun helping us look at the business critically even before completion. We are definitely set for bigger things with this plan!”

Liz Mugure, GBC I

Exclusive Eco Travels


“Very eye opening and the fact that my dreams and vision can become a reality! It taught me to plan and put systems in place.”

Careen Asamba, GBC III

Samwa Fashion Ltd.


“Inspirational speakers with practical examples on entrepreneurial challenges. I learnt that I will always keep learning, delegation enables better use of my time and CSR is not just about making money.”


Alice Ngugi, GBC I

The Potters Touch Insurance Agency


“I enjoyed the non academic approach to relevant topics that affect business people and the discussions in class. I have learnt that growing a global business has to be intentional and it begins with defining our core and translating that to every aspect of our business.”

Bea Kanja, GBC III

Salaton Safaris



The Greatness Business Club (GBC) is an entrepreneurship ecosystem built over the last twelve years by the Wylde International team in collaboration with business owners. We interact with more than 200 entrepreneurs per year and have graduated more than 180 of them in our flagship program: GBC Emerge.

The GBC way

The GBC training program provides knowledge, tools and processes to bring transformation to businesses across Africa. Budding entreprenuers get the opportunity to bust the myth around building a successful business.
Our pragmatic approach to business growth is done through:
  1. Inspiring the entrepreneur to want to build a great company and leave behind a legacy of global influence
  2. Equipping the entrepreneur with the right knowledge and tools to lay the foundation for building a great company
  3. Promote implementation of lessons learned by providing the entrepreneur with support through coaching and an accountability network of other entrepreneurs.
Who's invited?
  • Full-time entrepreneurs
  • Desire to build a great company
  • Businesses in operations for 3 years+
  • Turnover between Kshs.7 Million & 30 Million

Our Promise

Greatness Business Club clients will experience:
  1. Improved understanding of the critical role of business and entrepreneurship in the economy
  2. Understanding of business and how it grows from a small operation to a large corporation
  3. Understanding the fundamental aspects of running a business
  4. Sustainable growth of their companies
  5. Improved incomes of the SME owners and their families
  6. Job creation as they employ higher qualified people in their companies
  7. Improved standards of living for the SME owners

"Lasting transformation stems from the transformation of an individual's-thinking, beliefs & attitudes - Identity! Without that, it's superficial & temporary."


Here's a brief clip from one of the GBC alumni:

Bloomingdale Planners - Stories from Wylde's Greatness Business Club



GBC 2018 A5 Print




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