Personal development
It is said that maintaining a good balance in the various aspects of one's life contributes to greater productivity in the workplace. We offer individualised personal development programs, helping employees achieve balance & growth in the various areas of their lives, ranging from personal finance to health & fitness, from one's relationships to setting career & life goals.

Regardless of one's position in an organisation, they have the ability to influence how things are done in one way or the other. We offer leadership training programs that help employees harness the power & influence they have in regards to their role, as well understand they key tenets of leadership, especially within an organisation setup.


  • Selling
  • Presentation
  • Supervision
  • Delegation
  • Systems
  • Finance for Employees
  • Legal for Employees
  • Marketing for Employees
  • Customer Service for Employees
  • Human Resource for Employees
  • ICT for Employees
  • Process for Employees