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We believe that Africa and African companies can have a global impact, and we work with businesses to build in competencies that will help them move from one stage of growth to the next, and ultimately become a global company.
WYLDE’s excellent and proven Greatness Business Club program for business owners focuses on developing business enterprise owners and leaders to learn the fundamental aspects of developing an organization, from an SME to a global corporation.

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Personal Development Training
The training programs here are tailor-made for the entrepreneur, helping them develop in the various areas of personal life: personal finance, relationship, health & fitness, etc. The components of the program vary from group sessions to individual coaching sessions, helping the entrepreneur to only create, but also execute a personal development plan.

Leadership Training
Being at the helm of their organisation, we offer leadership training covering various aspects of leading an organisation. These are carried out either in group forums at the one-on-one level.

The One Year Action Plan (O.Y.A.P.)
This is a program we go through with the entrepreneur (& sometimes together with their managers) to help identify the key areas that the company should focus on, & the actions steps to be taken, over the next year, in order to move closer to the ultimate dream the company has for itself. The sessions are either broken over four to five 2 hour weekly sessions, or a full one day workshop. At the end of the sessions, the entrepreneur & his/her team leave with a clear picture of what they need to do, both in the short term & medium term, to achieve their desired goals.

Skills Training

  • Selling
  • Presentation
  • Supervision
  • Delegation
  • Understanding systems
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Legal for Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Service for Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource for Entrepreneurs
  • ICT for Entrepreneurs
  • Process for Entrepreneurs


Personal development
It is said that maintaining a good balance in the various aspects of one's life contributes to greater productivity in the workplace. We offer individualised personal development programs, helping employees achieve balance & growth in the various areas of their lives, ranging from personal finance to health & fitness, from one's relationships to setting career & life goals.

Regardless of one's position in an organisation, they have the ability to influence how things are done in one way or the other. We offer leadership training programs that help employees harness the power & influence they have in regards to their role, as well understand they key tenets of leadership, especially within an organisation setup.


  • Selling
  • Presentation
  • Supervision
  • Delegation
  • Systems
  • Finance for Employees
  • Legal for Employees
  • Marketing for Employees
  • Customer Service for Employees
  • Human Resource for Employees
  • ICT for Employees
  • Process for Employees


  • Identity & Culture
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Resource Solutions
    • WYLDE offers systems implementation support that are intuitive and in line with the organization strategy. With an in depth understanding of the organization WYLDE is able to provide support and solutions in areas such as recruitment, HR systems, accounting and finance, operational plans and departmental planning.


With our vast knowledge and deep insight on SMEs we consult for organizations working with SMEs on how to develop an effective SME engagement strategy. We have specific experience in:

  • Developing, implementing and delivering a successful SME capacity building programme
  • Developing and Implementing a Successful SME engagement Strategy
  • Understanding the SME Customer; including the Dynamics of SME growth
  • Creating effective business models, organizational design & Structures for SME engagement including pricing SME products
  • Provision of Non-Financial Services to SME Customers
  • Delivering world class relationship management for SME

The types of organizations we work with in this regard are:

  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Corporates