The Dangers of Promoting High Performers, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

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Since time immemorial, institutions have often chosen those who excel at individual performance to positions of management and leadership.

This is based on the false premise that a technically competent and skilled individual, shall excel at a leadership and management role.

This has had a mixed return because people management and technical competence do not necessarily tally.

Many individual top performers have over the years been promoted consistently until they get to their highest level of incompetence then they come crashing down.

Are You Amongst The Living Dead?, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

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Dead Woodland

Are you among the many people walking around today thinking they are alive but are actually dead?

Are you living a lie where the number one fool is you?

We were all born with a zest for life, to learn, to experience, to discover to become something and when we were young didn't we live out our youngest years with abandon.

I remember seeing how my nephew exemplified this when he first went to the pool with his dad and me on a family holiday. He didn't know how to swim but knew that he wanted to get into the water very fast so without a care or concern he flung himself into the pool as his dad dashed to catch him.

That is living life to the full.

5 Things Your Friends Won't Tell You About Making Changes In Your Life, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

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Change picture

I started 2016 determined to change some things about my life and I am happy to report that I am on the path I have always wanted. I am realizing that I actually have control over a lot of things in my life. A number of things about change though:

1. Change can be extremely frustrating

Anyone who has tried to quit a bad habit, change an irritating behavior built over a lifetime, will tell you that this is very hard. You wish someone had told you when you were young that one day you would regret starting whatever you now want to change. Unfortunately, habits sneak up on us and become ingrained so subtly that at the time you realize and want to break free, you discover that they are harder to separate from you.

Client Needs Should Spur Better Product Design and Services, by STANLEY GICHOBI

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I was recently running late for a meeting, and did not have enough time for breakfast. I opted for a take away hot drink from a coffee shop in the CBD.

I went to a decent looking restaurant and bought a cup of coffee that was served in a paper cup. The beverage came very hot and when I held it, I burned my hands.

As I walked, I kept on moving the cup from one hand to another. Further, the lid could not cover the cup well. The coffee spilled on my hands and white canvas shoes. It was a horrible experience and I will never order takeaway food or beverages from that restaurant again.

Individual Creativity Boosts Business Productivity, by SCOTT BELLOWS

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Kachero opened her business on a Thursday morning. As she unlocked the main office door, she began mentally arranging her team's brainstorming session for later that day. Kachero desired more innovative technology products emanating from her firm.

Kachero had already restructured her firm and incorporated intrinsic rewards on teams, but would her employees rise to the occasion and generate innovative and creative results?

After exploring ways in Business Talk for companies and leaders to foster greater creativity and innovation in workplaces, let us turn our attention to individual creativity.