Is Kenya Experiencing An Entrepreneurship Bubble? (Part 1), by JORAM MWINAMO

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Kenyans have a tendency to attack new opportunities in droves. First, it was the stock market IPOs. Then came pyramid schemes, then various multi-level marketing schemes, then came greenhouse farming (remember the tomatoes in your friends' car boot? or your boot?) , then the infamous and magical QUAILS . And now we have the unending land and property buying sprees, despite the fact that some of the property prices make no business or investment sense whatsoever. Some houses have their return on investment pegged on being enjoyed by grandchildren! But that is a story for another day.

Entrepreneurs: Be Brave & Let Go of That Big Unprofitable Client!, by JORAM MWINAMO

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Be Brave
I have worked with many entrepreneurs for over 10 years now. And I have come to see a trend that many of us seem to believe grows our businesses while in actual fact, it may cause a lot more harm than good to our growing enterprises. I have occasionally fallen prey to this trend myself. That trend is that for some reason, many entrepreneurs strongly believe that killing yourself to have that big brand company as a client is good for growing a small business.

HELP! My Cash is Stuck at Chase!

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Dear Chris,

I am an entrepreneur who runs an SME and I was banking with Chase Bank (the only account I have by the way). My clients who had held my funds for over three months had just issued me with a payment this Monday by RTGS. I was paid KShs 2.5Million and on Tuesday I wrote a majority of my suppliers their payment checks as I had promised them and they picked them on Tuesday afternoon. Today they have called to ask for an alternative settlement now that their banks have declined to accept Chase bank checks. What should I do? How soon can I expect my funds to be available?

Management Hubris & the Shock of Capped Interest Rates, by KIRIINYA KITHINJI

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Management Hubris, Bank Interest Rates


President Uhuru's assent to the law capping interest rates (officially known as the Banking (Amendment) Act, 2015) is the ultimate nightmare for Kenyan banks.


Nevertheless, they should have seen it coming, and I would place the blame squarely on management hubris.


The top management of the banks clearly forgot or chose to ignore the good old "P" in the PESTEL analysis tool commonly used to analyze the attractiveness or otherwise of the overall business environment.