Are You Amongst The Living Dead?, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

Posted in Human Capital Development

Dead Woodland

Are you among the many people walking around today thinking they are alive but are actually dead?

Are you living a lie where the number one fool is you?

We were all born with a zest for life, to learn, to experience, to discover to become something and when we were young didn't we live out our youngest years with abandon.

I remember seeing how my nephew exemplified this when he first went to the pool with his dad and me on a family holiday. He didn't know how to swim but knew that he wanted to get into the water very fast so without a care or concern he flung himself into the pool as his dad dashed to catch him.

That is living life to the full.

Somewhere along the line, as consciousness grew, you became aware of the differences between you and the rest of the family and world. You were not the star attraction anymore.
You cried and no one came running to your rescue. Your folks and siblings began comparing you with your siblings and other babies/children. You began to hear no you can't do this or that. You can only go out if a parent is with you. You can only do this with prior permission.

Good behavior was acquiescing to the expectations and the sometimes self-limiting norms of society passed on to keep the boat of society from rocking. Not shaking the boat not being different not being unique. Everyone was and is happy to be in the boat even if the boat is going nowhere because failure loves company. Rewards were for obedience and not for failure or curiosity. When you tried something new and it failed especially if something got spoilt or destroyed like my dad's record player, radio and many other gadgets I took apart in my younger years you were punished. Sometimes really hard.

So what happened next. You then went to school where from a tender age you were probably graded by the teachers, compared with others and designated to the top or bottom section of the class. If you were obedient you quickly became the teacher's pet that the teacher liked and everyone maybe hated so what did that teach you?

That if the power brokers in society loved you ......with the rest. You then unconsciously decided, let me learn to bootlick, be in good books with the top since it is the quickest way to the top.

As you grew up and became more self-conscious you probably discovered with time that people judge you harshly if you don't look right, talk right or behave right.

Playgrounds can be pretty nasty if you are different. Bookworms, nerds, "choppies", the teachers' pet, the odd ones out etc. are picked on and teased ad infinitum and so you decide to make it your life's goal to fit into the crowd. Become one of the boys or one of the girls since at least you will belong.

You will have a group of people who accept you give you a sense of belonging and affirmation.

As you grow, you realize that the world judges you a lot by what you do, what you own, who you know, what you achieve, what you own, what you drive, who you marry, where you work, where you hang out, drink, sleep with, marry, live etc. and so you make it your next life's goal to fit into the mold.

You join the herd in the rat race and run after the same cheese billions the world over are running for.

You sacrifice your individuality to fit in and so you die to yourself.

You die to self, you die from learning, die to curiosity, you die from self-expression, you die from following your dreams and your heart, you die from you.

You become a Zombie. A well-dressed Zombie, driving a phat car, in a phat neighborhood, with a phat wife but remain unhappy and dissatisfied deep within.

You become the living dead......... A tragedy.

A tragicomedy that should be a case study of how not to live your life but who wants to know?

Who wants to be told that you were wrong, that they are wrong, that we all are wrong? Too much drama changing so let's just go back to pretending that we are living the life.

Since Life is a simply a lie without the "f" ('fool') in it. That is, you and me.

Want to wake up. Open you heart and mind. Take time out to ask what is your purpose in life?

What is your calling? What are you passionate about? What do you care about?

What would you do without pay? What would make weekends interruptions and Mondays the best day of the week?

Make this life count, since you only have one and after that, judgment, unless of course, you believe in reincarnation.

Only you might come back as a rat to truly live a rat's life!