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Customer Service Training: A waste of money?, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA



Training must do two things. First, it must move your attitude. Second, the skills you gain can only be seen in your work. If work has not changed, then training has done nothing. And remember, the knowledge you gain is not yours. Mr. Isaiah Chol Aruai, Chairman of SSCCSE, Southern Sudan.


Over the last 2 months I have had the privilege of working on some customer service training for clients locally and regionally, and some thoughts come to mind:

  1. Customer service work is tough and hard to the individual. Most clients who call have a problem and they are angry at the company for their problem and when they call or visit the office they tend not to be in the mood for small talk and simple platitudes.  This heavy work takes an emotional toll on the individual worker who apart from the expectation to be polite to the customer, they must endure the constant oversight from their superiors who do not always have the best people management skills. Have a support system for the staff to allow them relief from tough calls or encounters and shield them from customers who are hell bent on taking advantage of their professional standards.

Are We Setting Up Our Children for Failure?, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

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Like many of you, I was never quite prepared to become a parent. I spent years in school learning to become a professional, spent hours in the field training to become a better player and coach at a game I loved, and then countless hours honing my skills as I worked to grow my professional expertise.

It was only after many years of being single, that I decided to get married, and when the children came, I found myself a parent, with little preparation apart from a pace setting program. My wife and I did this even before we got our first born, and later realized that that was not only premature, but also very theoretical to us.

I can blame the system for teaching us to study for exams, and so any studies without exams are useless, or say that learning a skill without practice is like eating ice-cream in your mind! You will never know what's real until you practically experience this phenomenon called parenting.

The Dangers of Promoting High Performers, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

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Since time immemorial, institutions have often chosen those who excel at individual performance to positions of management and leadership.

This is based on the false premise that a technically competent and skilled individual, shall excel at a leadership and management role.

This has had a mixed return because people management and technical competence do not necessarily tally.

Many individual top performers have over the years been promoted consistently until they get to their highest level of incompetence then they come crashing down.

Are You Amongst The Living Dead?, by EMMANUEL NANDOKHA

Dead Woodland

Are you among the many people walking around today thinking they are alive but are actually dead?

Are you living a lie where the number one fool is you?

We were all born with a zest for life, to learn, to experience, to discover to become something and when we were young didn't we live out our youngest years with abandon.

I remember seeing how my nephew exemplified this when he first went to the pool with his dad and me on a family holiday. He didn't know how to swim but knew that he wanted to get into the water very fast so without a care or concern he flung himself into the pool as his dad dashed to catch him.

That is living life to the full.