Why Corporates Need to Rethink How They Relate with SMEs, by CHRIS ODONGO

Why Corporates Need To Rethink How They Relate with SMEs


From supply chain management to partnerships that foster loyalty

I have recently been reading and studying trends on financial problems experienced by SMEs and there is an alarming trend. More and more SMEs are getting into financial straits due to an ever increasing problem around cash-flow. Indeed many of our clients are reporting poor cash flows and are decrying an unfriendly environment.

The burgeoning cash flow problem is caused by many factors such as poor capitalization, over trading, funding mismatch and many other SME related buzz words. One giant culprit that causes many an SME owner migraines is the 'accounts receivables'. It is not that these SMEs are not selling and it is not that they don't have good customers, the major problem is that a majority of their customers are not just paying for goods and services consumed. 

Is Kenya Experiencing An Entrepreneurship Bubble? (Part 2), by JORAM MWINAMO

Entrepreneurship Bubble (Part 2)



(Part 1 - Is Kenya Experiencing An Entrepreneurship Bubble?)


Last week we looked at all the hype that has been created around entrepreneurship in Kenya, with cheerleaders ranging from banks and oil companies to president Barrack Obama himself. This article may be considered pouring water on the fire and spoiling the party. Is the opportunity as huge as it is being touted or is it a mirage? Let us analyse the opportunities.

Is Kenya Experiencing An Entrepreneurship Bubble? (Part 1), by JORAM MWINAMO



Kenyans have a tendency to attack new opportunities in droves. First, it was the stock market IPOs. Then came pyramid schemes, then various multi-level marketing schemes, then came greenhouse farming (remember the tomatoes in your friends' car boot? or your boot?) , then the infamous and magical QUAILS . And now we have the unending land and property buying sprees, despite the fact that some of the property prices make no business or investment sense whatsoever. Some houses have their return on investment pegged on being enjoyed by grandchildren! But that is a story for another day.