A Side Hustle is Good For Your Career, by VICTOR OTIENO

Side hustle has always been considered to be the forte of underpaid employees seeking to shore up their incomes to meet their basic needs. It's often associated with small business ventures such as small kiosk, car wash, movie store among others.

In this day and age of great uncertainty, side hustles must be embraced across organizational functions to include both junior staff and senior managers, by enabling them at the very least to have an extra income stream. A side hustle in this sense may be take the shape of taking up consulting work, speaking engagements, coaching or even developing a product or service.

The Silent Evolution in the Kenyan Pharmaceutical Industry, by VICTOR OTIENO

Silent Evolution - Pharmacy


Private pharmacies in Kenya and Africa in general have traditionally been the first point of contact for healthcare for the general population.

For the longest time now, private local pharmacies have relied on strategic location as their key differentiator or competitive advantage in addition to selling branded drugs, vis-a-vis generic drugs.

Furthermore, the profitability of private pharmacies in Kenya has been fuelled by low cost, driven mostly by sale of fake drugs, fueling a false sense of high profitability by some unregulated and unqualified industry players. The sector faces other myriad of challenges such as stock pilferage, inefficient operations systems, and unsupportive, outdated and inconsistent policies.

Professional Negligence Redefined, by DR. MELVIN D'LIMA

She was forlorn. A thirty something year old dentist with a KES two million loan to be repaid and not enough patients to attend to at her rented clinic! She had tried all the text book marketing gimmicks - free community check- ups, Facebook marketing and hiring agents to source for insurance companies to put her on their lists of service providers. It was not working. It is the economy, everybody told her. She kept asking herself, "Why now? Why me?"

Down the road was another dentist with a "well" equipped clinic with a dental unit installed in 1974!! He wanted out. "Was there a young dentist willing to take over his premises?", he asked. At close to 70 years one tires of doing the same things, day in day out.