The benefits of being in a Business Club

I joined the Greatness Business Club at Wylde International when my business was at it's knees. I say this because the numbers were not making business sense at all and option of closing was the easier.

The journey at Wylde despite the financial challenges has been a new beginning for my business. The key areas in any business I believe is people, processes and product. These are the three areas I have given priority in turning around the company to profitability.


The recruitment process is handled professionally whereby the full process of advertising to on boarding is done. No more adhoc employment. this has meant introducing JD's, Role profiles, targets and performance,measurement clearly defined and communicated for each role.


Finance being my biggest challenge I'm now working with a Finance Consultant on a retainer fee where we have initiated and implemented
Budget 2018
Finance strategy for 2018 and 5 year Finance plan is work in progress.

We have reviewed our laundry services and created a new product for corporate clients.


Caroline Kusimba,
Director Swirl Laundry.
Langata Mall