GBC 20 Client testimonial

GBC 20 Client testimonial- 26 April 2018


Name: Angela Kioi                   

Position: Managing Partner

Business Name: Gathima Kioi & Co Advocates

GBC Class: 20

Email add:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel #:  0722813838         

Reasons for joining GBC/Business pain points : 

To grow my business;

To learn how to strategically plan for my business;

To learn good business practices for the purposes of growing my business


What I learned from GBC:

Who I am as  an Entrepreneur

How to come up with my mission and vision for my business

The importance of having a good foundation for my business in terms of planning

What I particularly enjoyed in the GBC teaching methodology:

That it is interactive


My favorite class was:

The first session, where I learnt more about my role as an entrepreneur and how  I influence my business


My experience with coaching was:

It was good, it helped be more introspective with my business


What strategies have I implemented after GBC:

Coming up with goals, and learning how to plan for goals for my business


Would I recommend GBC to a fellow entrepreneur:



Why would I recommend GBC to others:

This is a course that helps the entrepreneur run their business better, if you want to see growth you should consider this class.