GBC 20 Client testimonial

GBC 20 Client testimonial- 26 April 2018


Name: Angela Kioi                   

Position: Managing Partner

Business Name: Gathima Kioi & Co Advocates

GBC Class: 20

Email add:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel #:  0722813838         

Reasons for joining GBC/Business pain points : 

To grow my business;

To learn how to strategically plan for my business;

To learn good business practices for the purposes of growing my business


What I learned from GBC:

Who I am as  an Entrepreneur

How to come up with my mission and vision for my business

The importance of having a good foundation for my business in terms of planning

What I particularly enjoyed in the GBC teaching methodology:

That it is interactive


My favorite class was:

The first session, where I learnt more about my role as an entrepreneur and how  I influence my business


My experience with coaching was:

It was good, it helped be more introspective with my business


What strategies have I implemented after GBC:

Coming up with goals, and learning how to plan for goals for my business


Would I recommend GBC to a fellow entrepreneur:



Why would I recommend GBC to others:

This is a course that helps the entrepreneur run their business better, if you want to see growth you should consider this class.




GBC 19 Testimonial

My experience at the Greatness Business Club season 19 at Wylde International-Mary Gitari, Principal advisor,  Brand Spark Public Relations

I have been trading all my life from selling sweets to home furnishings and eventually went into business for myself as a PR practioner almost 10 years ago.

I measured my business success by how quickly I could get contracts signed, deliver the work promised and get paid. I knew how to take the brief, delegate work, and manage projects to ensure we ‘get paid’. However, I soon realized that I was the best employee my business had but lacked actual skills to take my business to the next level.

It was when I came to Wylde International’s Greatness Business Club that I saw what the problems were in my business, no documented processes, no clear separation between my and my business amongst many other issues. The class has given me practical skills to not only meet my basic business requirements but to prepare it for true growth. All the classes delivered more than they promised and the Experts Edition brought everything together for me especially the areas that I had never quite understood e.g. Finance, Sales, HR and Customer Excellence.

The environment was also very stimulating as I shared the class with fellow entrepreneurs with the same issues. My couching sessions kept me accountable, ensuring that I was implementing everything I had learnt in the classes while receiving support in areas I had difficulty with. 

I would recommend Wylde International and especially the Greatness Business Club to any entrepreneur looking to move from a one man show to a business of global influence. 


Entrepreneurs, Do Business Partnerships Really Work?, by JORAM MWINAMO

entrepreneurs do business partnerships really work


If there is one thing I have seen in my long career advising entrepreneurs and growing enterprises, is just how many business partnerships fall apart. It doesn't matter how nice and well intention-ed the co-founders or business partners are . Partnerships are like marriages. If you get stuck with the wrong partner or partners, divorce is imminent. And the fallout's are usually nasty. Most of the complaints that I see driving business partners apart are things like divergent visions and direction, differing values and modes of operation as well as varied commitment levels. I could dwell on the ugly but I choose to look at what makes good business partnerships work instead.

So what will it take to make a business partnership to work?