EarlyStart Kids Holiday Program - APRIL 2018

It's holiday time again!
We at Wylde are all about impacting the young and not so young, walking with you towards further growth and transformation. Hence the 2nd installment of our EarlyStart Kids Holiday Program.

EarlyStart April 2018

After a successful time with some of our young leaders in December last year, this April's program, to be held between the 18th - 20th of April, shall focus on helping the children take charge of their lives i.e. their time, emotions, duties, friends, academics, future, etc.

We shall be equipping them with the soft skills they need to excel in life beyond their academic qualifications.

Do you have a child between the ages of 7 - 12yrs, or know one who should attend this program? Sign up below here: http://bit.ly/EarlyStartApril2018