At the root of WYLDE’s practice is the belief that:

  • Every individual has the ability and potential to achieve and enjoy a great level of success, excellence, influence impact and greatness.
  • Every organisation (no matter its beginnings) has the ability/potential to be a major player & global leader in its area of expertise.

This success can be achieved through consistently committing to living and performing at a higher level of excellence, pursuing clearly defined goals and by living a life characterized by values.

For organizations, this success is achieved through having a clearly articulated company identity; formulating and implementing a strategy that is innovative & focused; having well documented & adhered to systems; and the cultivation of a culture of excellence within every single employee.

The WYLDE Inspired.Greatness Model is a call/commitment to living an inspired life, a life marked with greatness. This level of excellence & greatness is through WYLDE’s innovative, long term engagement process that has a focus on building relationship and long term results and benefits for the client as opposed to the typical hit-and-run training/consulting approach.

Therefore, Inspired.Greatness is:

  • The engagement process/Model
  • The individual’s level of living, performance & interpersonal interaction; and
  • The Quality of the Organizational Culture & Organization Behavior.

To enable individuals and organizations achieve this level of Inspired.Greatness, WYLDE is committed to facilitating programs and experiences that mitigate problem areas and bring out the desired results.