The WYLDE Advantage

Why should You choose to work with WYLDE for your organizational development needs? What is unique about us?

  • We are passionate about people, focused on their unique needs and we deliver our trainings in a powerful but enjoyable way that is exciting, life changing and inspiring to the employees
  • WYLDE programs are locally developed, taking into account the specific challenges that Kenyan businesses go through while still providing customized, effective world class solutions.
  • The WYLDE team is multidisciplinary, drawing from various fields of study which means not only do we understand human behaviour and all softer aspects of organizational behaviour; WYLDE consultants also have in-depth understanding of business.
  • We have a proven track record working with organizations in various sectors and of various sizes.
  • We have a strategic approach. We seek to partner and create a long-term relationship with our clients based on their strategic focus rather than one-off, “Hit-and-Run” trainings without follow up.
  • We are values driven, professional and focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Through our research and development we ensure that we stay updated on current trends as well as needs of our partners.
  • Lasting impact through focus on the core of the individuals beliefs and attitudes and not just behavioral traits
  • We have a passion for indigenous companies and their people. We seek to achieve our vision of seeing Africa at a level of Global influence through developing the relevant attitudes and skills necessary for growth and development in the Kenyan economy.


 “Lasting transformation stems from the transformation of an individual’s thinking, beliefs & attitudes - an individual’s Identity! Without that, it’s superficial & temporary.”